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Chinese New Year Greetings From 1 to 10

These greetings from one to ten, are not just mere phrases but encapsulate deep, symbolic meanings and wishes for prosperity, health, and happiness.


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 立夏 Lì xià

THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 立夏 Lì xià. With a great deal of rainfall and higher temperature, 立夏 provides the perfect condition for cultivation and indicates...


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 谷雨 Gǔ yǔ

谷雨 Gǔ yǔ, Grain Rain, is the sixth solar term of the year which indicates the end of spring and the beginning of summer


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is renowned for it's treatment of healing and dealing with pain.


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 清明 Qīng míng

清明, Clear and Bright, is the fifth solar term of the year, and its name just perfectly describes the weather during this period of time.


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 春分 Chūn fēn

THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 春分. Today is 春分, the fourth solar terms of the year, and it is the day that position of Sun is exactly above Earth’s equator.


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 惊蛰 Jīng zhé

惊蛰, the third solar terms of the year, indicates that insects are all awakened from cold weather by spring thunder, and so does the earth.


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 雨水 Yǔ shuǐ

The 24 Solar Terms were created by ancient Chinese people and used to indicate the changes of climate and its phenomenon.


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 立春 Lì chūn

The 24 Solar Terms were created by ancient Chinese people and used to indicate the changes of climate and its phenomenon.

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Chinese Number Hand Signals

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