5 Ways to Grow Your Business Prospects Using Chinese Translation Services

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Expanding into another market can help grow your business prospects as you reach new demographics and new regions. Learning Chinese or using Chinese translation services, for example, can help you grow your business by engaging new customers in Chinese-speaking locations. Professional Chinese translation can help with marketing, internal communication and legal purposes. Learning about the language and culture can also help you to tackle localization, just as using a professional Chinese translation service can.

All of these facets of communication are integral in making sure your business is operating smoothly in a new region. Read on to learn how learning Chinese or using a translation service can help grow your business in a new market.

Using Chinese Translation Services and Your Own Cultural Knowledge for Localization

What is a professional translator? These are people who translate written text from one language into another. This is part of the overall localization process.  

One of the most important services a translation agency often provides is localization. Localization is the process of transferring a whole message from one culture into another, while keeping the core message the same. Localization might change graphics to fit a new region, adjust the layout so it fits in with the new language, change content so it fits local consumer tastes, covert details like currency symbols, phone number formats or units of measurement and make sure the product or message fits with local regulations, such as privacy laws.

Many Chinese translation services for businesses also help with localization. Translation and localization go hand-in-hand when growing your business in a new marketplace. They allow you not just to deliver your messaging to potential customers, but to lay the foundations for long-term brand engagement and loyalty.

If you commit to learning about Chinese culture as well as learning the language, you can also start to shape and localize your own materials. Cultural understanding is what lies behind successful localization. If you understand your customers and can view your business from their perspective, you should be able to reach out to them more appropriately and effectively.

Chinese Language Learning and Marketing

If you’re looking to expand your business overseas, the number one focus should be on your marketing messages. 37% of products that pass in the US market fail in the Chinese market. A product can fail for a number of reasons. One key reason that many products fail in the Chinese market is that they don’t take local consumer habits or business practices into account.

Expansion troubles are compounded by the fact that Chinese is one of the trickiest languages for Westerners to learn. What is the hardest language to learn? If you’re an English speaker, it’s likely to be Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin is the most natively spoken language on Earth and it’s commonly used in business settings. So if you want to grow your business, it’s time to start learning. Speaking Chinese to your contacts will show how serious you are about succeeding in their country. Of course, if you don’t have time to learn Mandarin, using a freelance English to Chinese translator service or finding Mandarin translation services through an agency might be your best bet.

Chinese translation services for businesses deliver major benefits for your marketing. Marketing is a very contextual form of messaging. It often relies on celebrity endorsements that appeal to certain regions, figurative language like metaphors and idioms and references to local cultural norms. A quality online professional Chinese translation service will be able to convert these messages to a new region in a way that resonates with the local culture, while keeping the message of what the product is intact.  

Professional Chinese Translation Services and Internal Communication

It’s easy to think of marketing first when looking at expanding your business into a new region. However, professional Chinese translation for businesses can often extend far beyond how your product looks to consumers in the new market. There’s also plenty of translation that you can undertake yourself as your Chinese language skills bloom.

If you’re doing business in a new region, you may have to negotiate with business partners, talk to foreign distributors or recruit and manage employees at locations overseas. That’s where internal communication translation can come in handy.

Chinese translation services for internal communication can translate:

  • Internal communications like memos, emails and letters
  • Presentations
  • Financial reports
  • Technical documentation and other instructions
  • Invoices
  • Shipping documents

 Those are just a few examples. In terms of using your own language learning to translate your documents, it might be best to start with something small. You’re a lot more likely to succeed at translating an email than a hefty financial report. And if you need to double check the accuracy of your work before you send it, you can always use a professional Chinese translation company to review it, just for peace of mind.


Expanding into new markets is an exciting but daunting task. However, the potential to grow your business prospects is worth the undertaking. Whether you are using Chinese translation services or learning to speak Chinese yourself, focus on quality, professionalism, cultural understanding and using the right language at the right moment to give your company the maximum chance of success.

Author bio:

Ofer Tirosh is CEO of language services provider Tomedes, which specialises in providing Chinese translation services for international businesses.

Written by Missy Broun for tutorabcchinese.com

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