Temples for True Love: Love God in Chinese Culture

Explore how Chinese Cupid’s Temples, dedicated to the deity of love, help singles find true love through ancient rituals and blessings.


In Chinese culture, there is a special place where people believe they can find true love. This place is known as the Chinese Cupid’s Temple (月老廟 yuè lǎo miào). But why do people enjoy visiting Chinese Cupid’s Temples? Let's explore the mystery and traditions of these enchanting places.


Introduction to Chinese Cupid’s Temples

Chinese Cupid’s Temples are dedicated to Chinese Cupid (月老 yuè lǎo), the deity of love and marriage in Chinese culture. Chinese Cupid is believed to connect single men and women, helping them find their destined partners. Many people come here to pray for love, marriage, and a happy future. It is believed that Chinese Cupid can help them find their soulmate.

History and Legends of Chinese Cupid

The legend of the Chinese Cupid dates back to ancient China. According to folklore, Chinese Cupid is a deity who holds the power to connect lovers with a red thread. These red threads symbolize destiny and the bonds of love. It is said that Chinese Cupid ties these threads around the ankles of those destined to be together, ensuring they become a couple.

Locations and Famous Chinese Cupid’s Temples

Among the various Chinese Cupid’s Temples, one of the most famous is the Xia-Hai City God Temple in Taipei (台北霞海城隍廟) . This temple is not only a spiritual center for locals but also attracts visitors from all over the world. The Chinese Cupid at Xia-Hai City God Temple is considered highly effective, with countless couples visiting each year to seek blessings.

Rituals and Procedures for Seeking Love

There are specific rituals and procedures for seeking love at Chinese Cupid’s Temples. First, you need to prepare some offerings, such as red dates, longan, and goji berries. Each of these offerings has its unique symbolic meaning:

  • Red Dates: Symbolize the hope of finding a romantic connection soon.
  • Longan: Symbolize completeness and the desire to achieve a fulfilling relationship through worship.
  • Goji Berries: Thought to enhance popularity and attract the attention of the opposite sex.

People believe that these offerings can enhance the effectiveness of their prayers. Next, you can light incense in front of the statue of Yue Lao, silently recite your wishes, and ask for Yue Lao's blessings.


Modern Significance of Chinese Cupid’s Temples

Chinese Cupid’s Temples continue to play an important role in modern society. Many single men and women come here to pray for love, believing in Chinese Cupid's power to help them find true love. This traditional belief is not only a cultural practice but also a spiritual support for modern individuals seeking love and happiness. Many who successfully find their partners return to the temple to offer thanks and fulfill their vows.


Chinese Cupid’s Temples hold significant meaning in Chinese culture. Whether in ancient times or today, people have deep faith in the power of the Chinese Cupid. These traditional beliefs and rituals are not only expressions of the desire for love but also blessings for a bright future. If you are interested in these enchanting places, consider experiencing them firsthand. Perhaps Chinese Cupid will also tie that red thread for you.

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