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Chinese New Year Greetings From 1 to 10

These greetings from one to ten, are not just mere phrases but encapsulate deep, symbolic meanings and wishes for prosperity, health, and happiness.


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 立夏 Lì xià

THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 立夏 Lì xià. With a great deal of rainfall and higher temperature, 立夏 provides the perfect condition for cultivation and indicates...


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 谷雨 Gǔ yǔ

谷雨 Gǔ yǔ, Grain Rain, is the sixth solar term of the year which indicates the end of spring and the beginning of summer


THE 24 SOLAR TERMS: 清明 Qīng míng

清明, Clear and Bright, is the fifth solar term of the year, and its name just perfectly describes the weather during this period of time.

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