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What is Putonghua?

What is putonghua, and is it different from Mandarin? Learn more about this form of Chinese and the history behind it.

6 Terms Of Endearment In Chinese

Interested in how to flirt in Chinese, or how to sweet-talk your bae in Mandarin? We've got a list of terms of endearment in Chinese.

What Are Mandarin Tone Pairs?

Everyone knows Chinese is a tonal language, but how these tones interact with one another is one way to help you speak Chinese with no accent.

Mandarin learning tips

How To Introduce Yourself In Chinese

Whether it's casual or for business, knowing how to do self introduction in Chinese is a must! Here are tips on how make a great first impression in...

How to Choose a Chinese Name

How to choose an authentic Chinese name that also incorporates something about your personal or cultural identity, and why you shouldn't use an auto...

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