Mandarin learning tips

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Mandarin learning tips

7 Hacks for Learning Mandarin as a Beginner

If you feel intimidated by the Chinese language, that fear is most likely fueled by the fact that Chinese is only different.

Mandarin learning tips

How To Introduce Yourself In Chinese

Whether it's casual or for business, knowing how to do self introduction in Chinese is a must! Here are tips on how make a great first impression in...

Mandarin learning tips

What Is Pinyin?

What is Pinyin? Pinyin is a way of writing Chinese. It's spelling is based on the Mandarin pronunciation. Learn more about Pinyin here.

Mandarin learning tips

How Long Does It REALLY Take To Learn Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese is not an easy language to learn. The experts at TutorMing lay out exactly how long you can expect it take for you to become fluent...

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