Moutai Coffee: The Coffee That's Taking China by Storm

Moutai coffee is the latest trend in China, and it has created a storm. It has been sold out in many stores with 5.4 million cups sold per day.


Moutai Coffee(Image source: Luckin Coffee Weibo)

Moutai coffee is the latest trend in China, and it has created a stir in the coffee industry. The coffee is made with a blend of coffee beans and Moutai sauce, a type of liquor made from fermented sorghum, which is considered to be the national liquor of China.This strong liquor plays an important role in Chinese culture.

Moutai coffee was launched in China in early September by Luckin Coffee, a Chinese coffee chain, and has been sold out in many stores across China. According to Luckin Coffee's social media, 5.4 million cups were sold out in one day.

The launch of Moutai coffee has been met with mixed reactions. Some people believe that it is a creative and innovative way to combine two different cultures, while others believe that it is a sacrilege to mix coffee with Moutai.

149477(Image source: Luckin Coffee Weibo)

Despite the mixed reactions, Moutai coffee has been a success, it has been featured in many media outlets and the stock price of Luckin Coffee has surged. The success of Moutai coffee can be attributed to a number of factors. First, Moutai is a popular liquor among Chinese high-earners, which its high value and symbol of wealth and power, it is often given as a gift to important guests or used to celebrate special occasions. (To understand the important role of Moutai and Bai Jiu in Chinese business culture, head over to this post.) 

Moutai coffee is a new and innovative product that has created a stir in the Chinese coffee industry. The coffee has been a success, and it is seen as a way to appeal to a younger and more affluent customer base. It remains to be seen whether Moutai coffee will be a long-term success, but it is certainly a trend to watch.

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