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What To Pack When Traveling To China

Are you traveling to China? Here's our list of things you need to pack! Make sure to have these essentials on hand, such as toilet paper, surgical...

USA vs. China FIFA World Cup Roster

A soccer quarterfinal showdown between U.S.A and China is a must see! We've compiled a roster for both soccer teams as well as added the Chinese...

DuanWu Festival: Bring On The Dragon Boats!

DuanWu Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, is a Chinese national holiday. Customs include eating zongzi, racing dragon boats, and drinking...

9 Traditional Chinese Toys And Games

Curious about what Chinese Children do for fun? What toys they play with? Crickets, bones, and feather-hacky sacks are just some of the toys they use.

7 True Facts About Mulan

Was Mulan real? Did she have a brother? Find out the real story behind the Disneyfied war hero.

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