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Empower Hotel Staff to Speak Chinese with Confidence: TutorABC Introduces an Exciting Chinese Course Designed for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

TutorABC launches a 12-hour Chinese courses for the hospitality and tourism industry.

[TAIPEI, Taiwan] – TutorABC, the world’s leading online education platform, is delighted to announce the launch of a specialized course to teach Chinese language skills targeting the hotel and tourism industry. This is a 12-hour foundational course aiming to provide students with the necessary language skills to communicate effectively with Chinese-speaking guests and to enhance their overall guest experience.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the global travel industry has almost recovered back to the pre-pandemic levels of 2019. As the tourism industry continues to witness a significant rise in Chinese travelers worldwide, it has become increasingly vital for hotels and hospitality professionals to bridge the language and culture gap. TutorABC’s new Chinese course will empower hotel staff, tour guides, concierges, and other industry personnel with the essential Chinese language skills and cultural understanding necessary to provide exceptional service to provide a more welcoming environment for Chinese-speaking guests.

This special course will delivered through TutorABC’s user-friendly and flexible online platform, enabling participants to access lessons at their convenience, whether from home or on the go. The company’s team of experienced teachers, proficient in both Chinese and English, will guide students throughout their learning journey, offering personalized feedback and support. Each lesson consists of a 45-minute online one-on-one session provided by a professionally certified Chinese teacher. The course focuses on key areas such as greetings, hospitality phrases, hotel services, tourism vocabulary, cultural nuances, and basic conversational skills. Through interactive lessons, students will gain the confidence and proficiency needed to fully engage with Chinese-speaking guests.

 The curriculum has already attracted significant interest from various international hotel groups.

“At TutorABC, we believe that language learning should be relevant and practical, especially for professionals in specialized industries. This new course for the hotel and tourism industry is designed to equip learners with the necessary language skills to communicate effectively with Chinese-speaking guests, build rapport, and provide exceptional service,” said Samuel Yang the Co-Chairman and CEO of TutorABC. “We understand the importance of cultural understanding in delivering a truly personalized experience, and our course integrates cultural insights to ensure that learners develop a holistic understanding of Chinese customs, traditions, and etiquette.”

TutorABC seeks to establish partnerships with renowned hotels, tourism organizations, and industry associations, enabling them to offer specialized training programs to their employees. The curriculum has already attracted significant interest from various international hotel groups. With TutorABC’s established reputation for delivering top-notch language education, participants can trust that they will enhance their language skills and excel in their respective roles within the industry.

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