Ru-Ping Chen

Ru-Ping Chen is a contributing writer at TutorABC Chinese. She has always loved doing research into her Chinese heritage, so she decided to attend the University of California, Berkeley to double major in Business and Chinese, focusing in Chinese language and history. Her other interests include reading Western Classics, teaching herself Chinese poems, and learning other East Asian languages.

Stories by Ru-Ping

ChengYu: 二分明月 Meaning

Check out what the Chinese idiom "二分明月" means and how to use it in a sentence. Loosely translated, it means "two parts of a bright moons" It is used...

ChengYu: 闭月羞花 MEANING

Two beautiful Chinese women, DiaoChan and Yang GuiFei, caused a lot of political problems when they were involved with powerful men! Read more about...

ChengYu: 沉鱼落雁 Meaning

The Chinese idiom: "沉鱼落雁" literally means "fish sinking and birds falling." It is used to describe beautiful women, specifically two of the four...

ChengYu: 一事无成 Meaning

The meaning of the Chinese idiom, "一事无成" is used to describe failures. For example, someone who has been at the same job for years and has no...

ChengYu: 一字千金 Meaning

The meaning of the Chinese idiom, "一字千金" means "one word is worth a thousand in gold!" It's used to describe well written poems or composition.

ChengYu: 一丘之貉 Meaning

The meaning of the Chinese idiom, "一丘之貉" is literally "raccoons of the same hill." This chengyu has a similar meaning to "birds of a feather flock...

ChengYu: 一木难支 Meaning

Check out the meaning of the Chinese idiom, "一木难支!" We take a look at the origins behind this chengyu, along with how to use it in a sentence!

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