Patrick Kim

Patrick Kim is an editor at TutorABC Chinese. He has a B.A. in East Asian Studies from UCSB, and has worked in China for 3 years. His hobbies are soccer, being outdoors, and studying Chinese.

Stories by Patrick

What Are Chinese Homophones?

Homophones are fairly common in Chinese, forming an important part of the subtext of everyday communication, and significantly influencing cultural...

How To Use Chengyu (成语) Properly

Chengyu are Chinese idioms, usually consisting of four characters. They usually have a very specific meaning, making it difficult to translate them...

How to Choose a Chinese Name

How to choose an authentic Chinese name that also incorporates something about your personal or cultural identity, and why you shouldn't use an auto...

What is the HSK (And Should You Take it)?

The HSK Chinese Proficiency Test is the standardized test of Chinese language ability for professionals and university students, like a TOEFL for...

Is Chinese the World's Hardest Language?

Chinese often gets a bad rap for being extremely difficult. However, we may be looking at the wrong criteria in judging which languages are most...

How to Type in Chinese

Learning how to type in Chinese using a computer or mobile device. These tips will help you to apply what you've learned to start writing in PinYin...

How To Say Numbers In Chinese

Learning to count numbers in Mandarin Chinese is simple, because the Chinese number system is very straightforward.

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