Efrain Aldaz

Efrain is a contributing writer at TutorABC Chinese. He has a Bachelor's degree in Communication from San Diego State University. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, and is currently studying Mandarin Chinese in the hopes of becoming trilingual.

Stories by Efrain

"What Are You Doing" in Chinese: Week 9

Learn to say and answer, "where are you" and "what are you doing" in Chinese. Efrain beginner's guide to learning Mandarin also covers how to use 在...

"Money" in Chinese: Week 8

Efrain continues his beginner's guide to learning Chinese. This week, he reviews their new free TutorMing Classroom app on how to ask how much money...

"Flirting" Romantic Chinese: Week 7

Efrain studies some Mandarin phrases to learn how to flirt in China. This week, he reviews TutorMing's free webinar on how to flirt in Chinese.

"Food" in Chinese: Week 6

Efrain's guide to learning Chinese. Follow along in his sixth week learning with TutorMing in order to learn how to say your favorite foods in...

"Where Are You From" in Chinese: Week 5

Follow Efrain's guide to learning Chinese. In his fifth week reviewing TutorMing, he learns Chinese grammar based on the question, "Where are you...

"Directions" in Chinese: Week 4

Continuing our beginner's guide of learning Mandarin with TutorMing, Efrain learns compass directions like north, south, east, west and geography in...

"Feelings" in Chinese: Week 2

Follow Efrain's journey learning Chinese. In week two, he learns how to say emotions in Chinese, such as "mad," "sad," and "scared," in everyday life.

"Travel" Chinese: Week 1

Follow Efrain's journey as he takes his first week's lesson, using useful travel vocabulary in Chinese. He learns phrases like how to say "where to"...

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