TutorABC Chinese Named Top 100 Education Company Of 2016

TutorMing is named as a Top 100 Educational website by Homeschool.com. TutorMing achieved this honor by being committed to independent Chinese-language learning in the K-12 age range.

This week, TutorABC Chinese was named as one of Homeschool.com’s Top 100 Education Companies of 2016. Every year, Homeschool.com compiles an exclusive list of the best education websites based on value, resources, parent’s reviews, and service. The goal of this list is to recognize outstanding companies that facilitate independent learning. This year, TutorABC Chinese was proudly mentioned in the foreign language category.

TutorABC Chinese is designed for independent learners of all ages, but is especially committed in Chinese learning in the K-12 age range. Many TutorABC Chinese teachers have a TCYL-certification (Teaching Chinese to Young Learners) so they are trained specifically to teach learners of younger ages. Whether the learner has had some experience, or is a complete beginner,TutorABC Chinese teachers are trained and ready to guide them to Chinese fluency.

All classes are conducted online in TutorABC Chinese's virtual classroom, which makes it ideal for homeschooled children. They can learn Chinese from an authentic, native speaker, without the need to travel outside their home. The un-clear platform helps them pick fun and interesting topics and, track their learning progress. Aside from 1-on-1 classes and small group classes and a variety of free learning tools, including a Pinyin app for both Android and iOS.

TutorABC Chinese has had excellent reviews from both students and their parents. Last year, TutorABC Chinese hosted a giveaway on Homeschool.com. The winners of the giveaway, the Rios Family, were so satisfied with TutorABC Chinese that they also purchased a course package for their daughter. When asked what benefits come from e-learning with TutorABC Chinese, Ms. Rios responded, ”It allows us to select a time that works best for our schedule. My children are currently taking Chinese in a classroom setting, but only learning vocabulary words.  TutorABC Chinese's [helps them] learn how to converse with those vocabulary words that they have learned.” Read more about the Rios’s family experience with TutorABC Chinese here.

Want to try TutorABC Chinese for yourself or your children? You can sign up here. TutorABC Chinese is currently offering a 20% discount on all their Chinese classes if you sign up for a course package in January 2016.


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