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Sara Lynn Hua

Sara Lynn Hua is a contributing writer and editor for TutorABC Chinese. She grew up in Beijing, before going to the University of Southern California (USC) to get her degree in Social Sciences and Psychology.

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Why Learning Chinese Is The Next Big Thing

Learning Mandarin Chinese has become more and more vital in many countries across the world, due to China's growing importance in the world's future....

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Sara Lynn Hua

Sara Lynn Hua is a contributing writer and editor for TutorABC Chinese. She grew up in Beijing, before going to the University of Southern California (USC) to get her degree in Social Sciences and Psychology.
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I Went To Shanghai And Nobody Uses Cash Anymore

Sara Lynn Hua | March 30, 2018

“What would you like?” the breakfast vendor outside of the subway asked me. She expertly flipped some Chinese pancakes (known as 煎饼 jiān bǐng) as she impatiently waited for my response. 

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This App About A Traveling Frog is Wildly Popular in China

Sara Lynn Hua | January 30, 2018

A mobile game about a traveling frog is a huge hit in China, despite being available in Japanese.

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Disney Casts Chinese Actress As Mulan in Live Action Remake

Sara Lynn Hua | November 30, 2017

Disney has chosen Liu YiFei, who also goes by Crystal Liu, to play Hua Mulan. Apparently the search was intensive, as THR reports that casting directors visited five continents and saw over 1,000 candidates to find the perfect actress. Not only did the role require English and Mandarin speaking skills, but also called for “credible martial arts skills” and “star quality.”

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Victoria's Secret Goes "Chinese Style" for This Year's Fashion Show

Sara Lynn Hua | December 07, 2016

The annual, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, famously dubbed “The Sexiest Night On Television,” aired on CBS last night. This year, Victoria’s Secret made a decision to appeal to the Chinese market. And it wasn’t exactly subtle.

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How Yao Ming Changed The Game For The NBA

Sara Lynn Hua | September 14, 2016

 The Chinese basketball star and former NBA icon Yao Ming was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on September 9th, 2016.

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How Much Money Can Pokémon Go Make in China?

Sara Lynn Hua | July 28, 2016

Header Image via Quartz.
Pokémon Go is a worldwide phenomenon. The game successfully merges augmented reality, fitness, and nostalgia factors to reach a wide range of audiences. Within 5 hours of being launched, Pokémon Go soared to the #1 spot in the iOS App Store. 

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John Cena Speaks Mandarin, Helps WWE Sign China Deal

Sara Lynn Hua | June 18, 2016

 In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg stunned the world by holding a Q&A at Tsinghua University almost entirely in Mandarin Chinese.  Well, John Cena has also stepped up to the challenge – by holding a press conference entirely in Mandarin Chinese. 

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Former USC Football Players To Bring American Football To China

Sara Lynn Hua | June 15, 2016

Image and info via USC News.

Chris Barrett and Joseph Krassenstein, two former USC Trojans football players, are piloting a summer football camp for youths in China. The camp will focus on on-field football training and lessons in English.

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7 Chinese Phrases For Business To Make You Sound Humble

Sara Lynn Hua | March 25, 2016

 In the Chinese corporate world, there is a large focus on business etiquette. The intricacies of business etiquette involve handing over (and receiving) a business card with two hands, lowering a wine glass when you toast a superior, among others.

If you aren’t fluent in Chinese, the language barrier may affect your communication. Messages may get misinterpreted, and end up widening the cultural gap between you and your colleagues. To avoid this, we’ve compiled a list of short phrases to guarantee your success in making a good impression!
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Why Learning Chinese Is The Next Big Thing

Sara Lynn Hua | October 22, 2015

What is the next big thing? For a while, it was conducting business online. In the last few years, wearable tech has become more commonplace. Our CEO recently said that the “Internet’s destiny is education,” foreseeing a push for more e-learning. So now, we bring you the next big thing: Learning Chinese.

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