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Back to School Special Offer 2019

TutorABC Chinese | September 02, 2019

Pen and paper, check!

Phone and headphone, check!

Mandarin Chinese? TutorMing check it for you!

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How to maintain and enhance student’s Chinese level during this summer break?

Pierre Cerchiaro | July 25, 2019

Mandarin Chinese for kids

Summer vacation is coming quickly and K12 students are getting ready to leave their school for two whole months! While taking a long rest is something they truly deserve, it is important to remind every parent that enjoying summer vacation hides a negative impact on every student: the summer slide. Summer slide is a backward movement many K12 students make over summer break when they forget what was taught to them in the previous school year. According to a Brookings Institute article, the average student loses a month of academic-calendar learning each summer. To prevent the summer slide, planning some summer learning is essential, especially when it comes to language learning. Indeed, students learning a language need to practice and repeat to maintain and improve their level.

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High Level of Cuteness: Watch These Kids Speaking Fluent Mandarin

Pierre Cerchiaro | June 18, 2019

Mandarin Chinese for kids

Mandarin Chinese can be learnt at any age. However, learning Chinese for kids can be easier depending on the context. Indeed, many studies have confirmed that young children can learn the elements of a foreign language very quickly when they are immersed in a favorable context, such as settling abroad.

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