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Mandarin for Kids Blog

How to prepare for IBDP Mandarin Oral Assessment

Chiahua | November 25, 2019

IB (International Baccalaureate) is one of the curriculum international schools around the world follow. DP (Diploma Program) is a program  for students age 16-18 to take before their university. Many IB schools offer Mandarin Chinese as a second language subject. The students will take a speaking paper/assessment before the end of the program, and we are going to share some tips to prepare for it in this article.

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Apply For A Scholarship In China: All The Steps To Follow

Pierre Cerchiaro | October 02, 2019

China is the most popular destination in Asia for students studying abroad. In 2017, students from 204 countries and territories studied in China, bringing the total number of international students to 489,200, which marked an increase of over 10 percent for the second year in a row, and it keeps increasing.

To promote internationalization, China offers foreign students different types of scholarships to allow foreign students from all the continents to have the opportunity to study a degree.

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Chinese Children's Books That Make Adults Emotional Too

Chiahua | September 16, 2019

Kids love to read. They enjoy letting their imagination fly through the pages, the characters and pictures in the books, travel straight into their imagination and take root.  

If you are wondering what books in Chinese for you to read with your children next, TutorMing are here with some beautiful children's books in Chinese for you to read with them.  

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Back to School Special Offer 2019

TutorABC Chinese | September 02, 2019

Pen and paper, check!

Phone and headphone, check!

Mandarin Chinese? TutorMing check it for you!

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Chiahua | August 20, 2019



这一篇文章由TutorMing 访问了住在英国的台湾妈妈 Sohpia 为了孩子能够精通中文,下的苦心和用的方法。

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Is Learning Chinese possible for Homeschooling Students?

Pierre Cerchiaro | August 12, 2019

Homeschooling parents offer their children a brand new learning environment with customized course curriculum and outdoor activities. However, there is one challenge they often have to face: teaching a language they haven’t mastered themselves. If you want to have your child learning Mandarin Chinese, you are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll first have a review on the homeschooling trend, the reasons why it is becoming more popular year after year, and how to take the challenge of having your child master Mandarin.

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