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Learning Chinese through Music

Alexander Tumbler | July 06, 2021

A good song is the quintessence of the linguistic, poetic, and musical components of the beauty of speech. By emphasizing the pronunciation and intonation of each syllable, a song is a valuable tool for improving conversational language skills for foreign language learners. Like no other language, this applies to Chinese, with its phonetic features.

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How Many Chinese Characters Are There and How Many Should You Learn?

Pierre Cerchiaro | July 28, 2019

The Chinese writing system has undergone more than five thousand years of evolution and transformation, which has brought with it new sinograms and variants. While some dictionaries can list more than 80,000 characters (85,568 for 中华字海 Zhōnghuà Zìhǎi, published in 1994 and up to 106,230 for 异体字字典 Yìtǐzì Zìdiǎn published in 2004), most dictionaries include between 5,000 and 6,000 characters.

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