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TutorABC Chinese is the the world's leading E-learning in Mandarin Chinese. Providing both simplified and traditional Chinese learning on line with live tutors.
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How To Master A New Language

TutorABC Chinese | October 31, 2017

 There’s a lot of information on the internet on how to be fluent in a new language, FAST. Many of them will contain tips and tricks, offer mnemonic devices, and even “research-developed study methods” offered at a high price. And while some of these methods are effective, there’s more to learning a language than studying. In fact, to learn a language quickly, you need to have the following components:

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How To Learn A Language: Why Lectures Don’t Work

TutorABC Chinese | October 13, 2017

 Learning a new language is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only will it help open doors to new business opportunities, but it will give you a unique insight into a new culture. There are a million ways to learn a language, but today we’re here to explain what doesn’t work.

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How to take TutorABC Chinese classes with your buddies using “Invite-A-Friend”

TutorABC Chinese | August 13, 2016

Say you are planning a trip to China with your friends, and want your friends to learn some Chinese too so that they can pull some weight ordering food or hailing taxis. Or perhaps you just want to share the Chinese learning experience with them. TutorABC Chinese’s new Invite-A-Friend feature allows you to invite up to two friends to enter your TutorABC Chinese digital classroom.

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