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Ru-Ping Chen is a contributing writer at TutorABC Chinese. She has always loved doing research into her Chinese heritage, so she decided to attend the University of California, Berkeley to double major in Business and Chinese, focusing in Chinese language and history. Her other interests include reading Western Classics, teaching herself Chinese poems, and learning other East Asian languages.

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ChengYu: 沉鱼落雁 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | August 07, 2015
Most people know of the woman whose face “launched a thousand ships.” In the Western world, the story surrounding Helen of Troy and the ensuing doom of all parties involved represents the power of beautiful women in the order of things. The Chinese equivalent? The Four Beauties of Ancient China. Of these four women, three managed to wreak havoc in the political battles rampant in government and have impacted Chinese ideals of beauty for centuries. This post will focus on the two of the four: 西施 (xī shī) and 王昭君 (wáng zhāo jūn.)
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ChengYu: 一事无成 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | August 01, 2015


Traditional: 一事無成

Simplified: 一事无成

Pinyin: yī shì wú chéng

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ChengYu: 一字千金 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | July 25, 2015



Simplified: 一字千金

Pinyin: yī zì qiān jīn

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ChengYu: 一木难支 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | July 08, 2015


Traditional: 一木難支

Simplified: 一木难支

Pinyin: yī mù nán zhī

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