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Ru-Ping Chen is a contributing writer at TutorABC Chinese. She has always loved doing research into her Chinese heritage, so she decided to attend the University of California, Berkeley to double major in Business and Chinese, focusing in Chinese language and history. Her other interests include reading Western Classics, teaching herself Chinese poems, and learning other East Asian languages.

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What Is ChengYu?

Ru-Ping Chen | December 04, 2015

ChengYu, in many East Asian languages, stands as the English equivalent of an idiom. It tends to exist in four-character entities (variations do exist) and typically convey some specified sort of meaning, with a backstory that lies in history, myths, fables, et cetera. Though the use of ChengYu is day-to-day conversations is rare, it is still prevalent among East Asian language speakers today.

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ChengYu: 东施效颦 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | November 25, 2015


Traditional: 東施效顰:


Pinyin: dōng shī xiào pín

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ChengYu: 井底之蛙 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | November 14, 2015


Traditional: 井底之蛙

Simplified: 井底之蛙

Pinyin: jǐng dǐ zhī wā

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ChengYu: 十面埋伏 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | November 07, 2015

The Idiom

Traditional: 十面埋伏

Simplified: 十面埋伏

Pinyin: shí miàn mái fù

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ChengYu: 二分明月 Meaning

Ru-Ping Chen | October 18, 2015


Traditional: 二分明月

Simplified: 二分明月

Pinyin: èr fēn míng yuè

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ChengYu: 闭月羞花 MEANING

Ru-Ping Chen | October 18, 2015
The Four Beauties of Ancient China were known for being so beautiful, they caused unparalleled political havoc. In Chinese culture, they were even more notorious than Helen of Troy. You can read our post on the first two women, Xi Shi (西施, xī shī) and Wang ZhaoJun (王昭君, wáng zhāo jūn) here. They were known for being so beautiful that "fish sank and birds fell from the sky." This post will focus on the other two of the four: : 貂蝉 (diāo chán) and 杨贵妃 (yáng guì fēi.)


Traditional: 閉月羞花

Simplified: 闭月羞花

Pinyin: bì yuè xiū huā

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