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Monica Chen

Monica Chen is a contributing writer at TutorMing. She grew up in California, before moving to New York to pursue a B.A. in Neuroscience at Columbia University. In her spare time, she enjoys food touring, painting, watching Youtube videos, and exercising.

Recent Posts

5 Ways To Laugh in Chinese

Monica Chen | July 21, 2016

"I sent an email to my coworkers about not making typos because they make us look bad. There was a typo in that email."

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Odd-Looking Chinese Characters

Monica Chen | April 23, 2016

Chinese characters are so diverse because each word is its own character. (Read more here: A Simple Explanation of Chinese Characters.) Some Chinese characters in the system are known to look quite interesting. Here, we have compiled a list of ten odd, awkward, and crazy-looking Chinese characters for your enjoyment.

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How To Politely Decline An Invitation In Chinese

Monica Chen | March 10, 2016

In Chinese, declining an invitation outright (such as saying “no thanks”) can be seen as rude, so it is important to gage your audience. 

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