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Joe Milne is a consultant/writer/trainer at TutorABC, and content creator in the ESL sector (YouTuber). He grew up in Sheffield, northern England, and studied English Literature, Drama, Photography, and Media Studies at college. In his spare time, Joe likes to keep his creativity flowing through photography, video-making, and even a bit of music here and there.

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Chinese Pronunciation Cheat Sheet For Beginners

Joe Milne | May 29, 2019

Qingdao? Chongqing? Hsinchu? Zhongxing? With English being my first language, it’s very rare for me to see the ‘q’ and the ‘i’, or the ‘h’ and the ‘s’ paired up in such an unusual way… so when I see words like this, I have no idea how to write them down in basic English, or pinyin, let alone pronounce them with in the right tones.

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