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Jason Cullen

Jason Cullen is an Applied Linguist currently working in Saudi Arabia. He has taught both ESOL and content courses to undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates at universities in the USA, China, South Korea, Hungary, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. He has an academic interest in phonology and writing systems, with a special interest in Chinese and Chinese Englishes.

Recent Posts

What Is A "Chinese Dialect?"

Jason Cullen | July 15, 2016

“You study Chinese? Cantonese or Mandarin?"

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Can Chinese Be Written In An Alphabet?

Jason Cullen | May 14, 2016

You will often hear Chinese teachers claim that Modern Standard Written Chinese (MSWC) cannot be written with an alphabet. In fact, an article on this blog titled Why There Is No Chinese Alphabet makes some arguments. But is there any truth to this claim? 

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