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How Is Christmas Celebrated In China?

Patrick Kim | December 12, 2019

In the shopping districts of major cities across China, Christmas music can be heard starting late November. Christmas (圣诞节 Shèngdàn jié) is not a public holiday, but it is an increasingly popular diversion for young people, and the day when people tend to spend the most money shopping (although it doesn't come close to  singles day for online shopping). Chinese students who have studied abroad in the West and come back to China, or "sea turtles" (海龟 hǎiguī) as they are called, are suspected to have contributed much to the general public knowledge about this Western holiday. In recent years, a uniquely Chinese way of celebrating Christmas has emerged, egged on by brands eager to see the holiday cemented into the Chinese mainstream.  

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East vs. West: Gift Giving Culture

Allen Chang | March 11, 2016

The art of gift giving, known to the Chinese as 送礼 (sòng lǐ), is a concept which differs drastically between cultures. To some it may be cultural etiquette, for others it may simply be an expression of gratitude. 

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