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Pierre Cerchiaro

Pierre Cerchiaro is a contributing writer at TutorABC Chinese. He is a French expat working in Taiwan and has had both studying experience in China and Taiwan. He is passionate about the Chinese language and is a foodaholic.

Recent Posts

Mother’s Day in China

Pierre Cerchiaro | May 06, 2019

Mother's Day in China 母亲节 (mǔqīnjié) is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May (May 12th this year). The celebration of mothers is becoming more and more popular in China since being good to one’s parents is essential in the Chinese culture.

In China, respect for elders and devotion to parents are both important traditional principles. To celebrate this special day, Chinese people send sweet messages and show their affection and thankfulness. Also, a lot of China’s youngsters are looking for special activities on Mother’s Day and ideas are becoming more and more unique.

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6 Chinese Essential Etiquette and Manners to Be Aware of Before Coming to China

Pierre Cerchiaro | April 10, 2019

There are many rules of politeness in China, and it can happen to anyone to make mistakes even after years living in the country. Social etiquette in China are not only about how you express yourself, but also about how you behave in different situations. In this article, we will teach you the most important rules to know in order to help you immerse yourself in the Chinese culture. 

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The best city for expats: Taipei

Pierre Cerchiaro | April 02, 2019

2018, Taipei ranked 1st city in the InterNations Expat City Ranking, becoming the world's favorite city for expats. The Expat Insider 2018 survey took into account factors such as the quality of urban living, getting settled, the urban work life, as well as finance and housing.  

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8 Chinese dishes foreigners don’t dare to eat

Pierre Cerchiaro | March 26, 2019

Food plays an important role in Chinese culture. As a result, traditional Chinese cuisine offers a wide range of foods and dishes that can sometimes be considered very strange by Western people. 

In order to stay aligned with lucky numbers, in this article we will introduce 8 Chinese dishes that may seem weird for foreigners, but actually taste really good. 

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China’s Lantern Festival, an important celebration in the Chinese calendar

Pierre Cerchiaro | February 15, 2019

The lantern festival 元宵节 (Yuánxiāo jié), also known as the "Yuanxiao festival", is a traditional Chinese festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, during the first full moon of the year. This year, the lantern festival will start on February 19th, since Chinese New Year started on February 4th. 

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Chinese New Year: a celebration full of customs and traditions

Pierre Cerchiaro | February 02, 2019

Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, is China’s the most important celebration of the year. All Chinese people come back to their hometown for days in order to gather with their family and enjoy delicious traditional food. In this article, you will learn a lot of new things about the Chinese New Year: what people do, and what they avoid to do, in order to bring luck, happiness, money, health, and success into their life.    

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