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Jinna Wang is a contributing writer for TutorABC Chinese. She grew up in the city of Harbin in northern China, and attended college at NYU where she majored in Finance and Management. In her spare time, Jinna likes to travel, eat, and write about both.

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What To Expect: Shanghai Disneyland

Jinna Wang | June 11, 2016

The grand opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort is nearly here! Whether you are one of the lucky early birds who scored a sold-out ticket for the first two weeks of opening, or if you are still in the planning phase of the dream Shanghai Disney vacation, there will be a ton of major differences that are unique to the Shanghai Disney that you want to be aware of.

If you want to prepare yourself for the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious madness that will be the Shanghai Disney – read on to see what to expect!

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5 Tips About Chinese Drinking Culture

Jinna Wang | March 25, 2016

Perhaps you are a corporate manager who is about to attend a few business dinners in China, or maybe you are meeting your significant other’s family at a dinner in Shanghai. Either way, you have a strong sixth sense that lots of drinking is involved during these Chinese social events. And you would be right.

Differences in Chinese Drinking Culture vs. Western Drinking Culture

There are a few differences that we outlined below, such as the alcohol of choice. However the general difference is this: In Western culture, a large emphasis is put on the beverage itself. Wine-tasting is a huge entertainment component in many Western countries. At more elaborate dinners, an extensive wine and liquor list is presented.

In Chinese culture, a heavier emphasis is put on the people. Who you drink the wine or liquor with is more important than the actual drink.

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