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Angela Fang is a contributing writer at TutorABC Chinese. Born in New Jersey, she decided to go to University of California, Berkeley, to get her degrees in Economics and Math. In her free time, she enjoys napping, surfing the Internet, and playing the violin. Corgis are her spirit animal.

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Chinese Education System VS. U.S Education System

Angela Fang | December 21, 2019

Education may be one of the most influential forces in society today. A good education that nurtures intellect and curiosity can impact children as soon as they step into the classroom. With the world’s largest population, China provides its citizens a diverse school system: public schools for students of all ages, specialized schools for the disabled, private schools and vocational schools among the many other institutions for education.

However, since it’s created under the influence of a fundamentally different culture, some structural aspects of China’s education system may seem strange to outsiders.

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Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Dining Etiquette

Angela Fang | December 09, 2016

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Imagine this scenario - you are with a Chinese friend, who offers to take you out for a bite to eat. As you walk towards a row of restaurants, a waft of delicious aroma surrounds you. You come to a stop in front of a particular restaurant.  

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What is Oolong Tea?

Angela Fang | October 28, 2016


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Chinese Folktale: Lady Meng Jiang

Angela Fang | October 07, 2016

Lady Meng Jiang (孟姜女; Mèngjiāngnǚ)  is a famous Chinese folktale about a woman whose husband is forced to work on the construction of the Great Wall of China. It is one of the “Four Great Chinese Folktales”, the other three being The Butterfly Lovers, Legend of the White Snake, and theCowherd and Weaving Maid.  

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Chinese Movies You Need To Watch

Angela Fang | March 04, 2016

With the lack of diversity at this year’s Oscars being a hot topic, many have turned to examine how racially homogenous films are in the United States. In particular, we find the lack of Asian representation in Western cinema is a frustrating issue.

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Why Do Chinese People Always Drink Hot Water?

Angela Fang | February 26, 2016

When you ask a Chinese person with a hot thermos why he or she drinks hot water, the answer is usually "it's better for your health."

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