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Planting the Most Common Herbs of Chinese Cuisine

Alexander Tumbler | August 25, 2021

Eastern cuisines are tasty, full of flavor, and healthy. Even though they originated in various parts of Asia, they are now widespread throughout the world due to their popularity. If you want to bring the Asian, especially the Chinese taste to your home, growing some herbs at your place is the best way to go.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Alexander Tumbler | April 17, 2021

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a form of medicine that has gained acceptance from the people from which it originated and people worldwide. Chinese traditional medicine is renowned for the methods used for healing and dealing with pain. It majorly centers on natural elements, involving mixing and cooking. Although these methods have been primarily argued to be unscientific, it cannot be doubted that it has yielded results for users over time. Hence, the reputation traditional Chinese medicine now has. There are various methods and materials used in traditional Chinese medicine. Here are some of the methods and materials.

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8 Reasons Why Life In China Is So Great

Alexander Tumbler | October 04, 2020

Are you planning to move to China? Perhaps you’ve secured a well-paying job, want to start or expand your business there, or you just want to explore various attractions in this great Asian country. No matter your reason for moving to China, living in this country offers an amazing intercultural experience. You’ll have a chance to tour the countryside such as the deltas of two key rivers in China, the Yangtze and Huang He, experience the sensational Qingming Festival, and try different Chinese cuisines. In this guide, you’ll discover 8 convincing reasons why life in China is so amazing.

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