Announcing The Pinyin App Launch - Free!

Try the best free pinyin app to help you master pinyin and Chinese pronunciation! This free pinyin table app is available for both iOS and Android. It comes with audio of a native speaker and example words. Best of all, it's completely free!

Chinese learners have told us that proper pinyin pronunciation is one of the key pillars in learning to speak Mandarin Chinese. Our certified consultants indicate that beginner Chinese students spend over 50% of class time on learning pinyin. Even for advanced Chinese learners, pronunciations are sometimes still hard to master. 

Today, we are launching a simple and elegant app to help you learn pinyin and advance in speaking Mandarin Chinese. With all the Mandarin Chinese pinyin components laid out in the app, you can combine consonants, vowels, and tones to hear how it’s supposed to sound. All pronunciations are professionally read by our certified Chinese consultants. Best of all, you can download the TutorABC Chinese Pinyin app completely FREE. The Pinyin app is available in both Android and iOS.

What is Pinyin?

Pinyin is the Romanization of the Chinese characters based on their pronunciations. In Mandarin Chinese, the phrase “pinyin” literally translates into “spell sound.” It is used for spelling out Chinese phrases with letters from the English alphabet. The tones indicate to the reader what emphasis to place on the word combination. There are 22 consonants (initials,) 36 vowels (finals,) and 4 tones. A total of ~1,600 pinyin combinations cover every word in Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

Simple and Elegant

The app is built with three simple steps in an elegant interface.

Step 1. Choose one of the consonants (initials) or select “without consonant.” This serves the beginning part of building a pronunciation.

Step 2. Choose one of the vowels (finals.) This builds out the full word combination. 

Step 3. Choose one of the four tones to place a pronunciation emphasis on the word completed in step 2. A professional Chinese consultant will read the initial, final, and tone combination.

Take It with You

Download the app before you travel to China. As you travel throughout China and come across ambiguity of how to pronounce certain words, you can reference the TutorABC Chinese Pinyin app to listen to the proper pronunciation. We have all 1,600+ pinyin combinations in the app. No roaming or Internet is required for the app.

Study Aid for Reviewing Notes

Because all of TutorABC Chinese’s classes come with free notes to download, and the notes typically come with copious pinyin, the TutorABC Chinese Pinyin app is a great companion. You can review your class notes with the app opened. The app can pronounce any words you are unfamiliar with. Without having to ask the consultants to re-teach you a couple sounds in the next class, you can use the Pinyin app to refresh your memory. You can now learn Mandarin Chinese with even more support.

Use as a Companion in Class.

During class, a tutor consultant may be moving the class along quickly, and you don’t want to interrupt with a question of basic pronunciation. The Pinyin app serves as a perfect second screen. You can review a basic pronunciation that was previously taught, or you can review new words you just learned before it is your turn to speak again.

Available in both Android and iOS native in tablets and phones. 

Android Pinyin App
iOS Pinyin App 
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