How To Say Your Favorite Disney Characters in Chinese

Learn how to say your favorite Disney princesses and characters in Chinese! With Shanghai Disneyland opening up, you'll want to learn some of these names.

 If you are a Disney aficionado, you probably have been counting down the days until the Shanghai Disney Resort opens on June 16, 2016. Did you know that the Shanghai Disney is the first Disney theme park to open in mainland China, and is three times larger than the Hong Kong Disneyland?

There has been a ton of excitement surrounding the park opening - so much excitement, that the park is already sold out for the first two weeks of operation. If you are just as excited about Disney as these early-birds, the best thing to do now is to learn the names of your favorite Disney Characters in Chinese. That way, you’ll know exactly what to ask for when you visit the Shanghai Disney.

We’ve created a list of popular Disney Characters in Mandarin Chinese below. Read them, learn them, and memorize them. You’ll be ready for your big vacation in no time!

List of Disney Characters
As you go through the list of Disney Characters, you’ll notice three major categories: some names are translated phonetically (Minnie, Mickey), some names are translated purely by meaning (Princess Jasmine, the little mermaid), and some names are a combination of both (Winne the Pooh). 

It might be tempting to assume that the Chinese version of Disney Character names all sound like the English, but saying “Princess Jasmine” in a Mandarin accent will only earn you a “huh?” and lots of confused looks. The takeaway here is, learn your Disney Characters in Chinese and learn them well!

Mickey Mouse’s Gang

Mickey Mouse, along with his girlfriend Minnie and his group of friends, are among the first Disney characters to become household names in China. In addition to his name of Mickey “米奇 (Mǐ qí), he can also be referred to as “米老鼠 (Mǐ lǎo shǔ).” 

Mickey Mouse - 米奇 (Mǐ qí)

Minnie Mouse - 米妮 (Mǐ nī)

Donald Duck - 唐老鸭 (Táng lǎo yā)

Daisy Duck - 黛丝 (Dài sī)

Goofy - 高飞 (Gāo fēi)

Pluto - 布鲁托 (Bù lǔ tuō)

Scrooge McDuck - 斯克鲁奇(Sī kè lǔ qí)

The Famous Disney Princesses

As you go through the list of famous Disney Princesses, you’ll notice that certain characters are repeating quite a bit in this section. The Mandarin Chinese characters 公主 (gong zhǔ) means “princess,” and is used for the Disney Princesses who are usually referred to with their title. 

Cinderella - 灰姑娘 (Huī gū niáng)

Sleeping Beauty - 睡美人 (Shuì měi rén)

Princess Jasmine - 茉莉公主 (Mò lì gong zhǔ)

Snow White - 白雪公主 (Bái xuě gong zhǔ)

Princess Ariel / the little mermaid - 爱丽儿公主 (Ài lì er gong zhǔ) / 小美人鱼 (Xiǎo měi rén yú)

Mulan - 花木兰 (Huā mù lán) 

Belle - 贝儿 (Bèi er)

Pocahontas -宝嘉康蒂 (Bǎo jiā kāng dì)

Princess Aurora - 爱洛公主 (Ài luò gong zhǔ)

Elsa - 艾莎 (Ài shā)

Anna - 安娜 (Ān nà)

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Winnie the Pooh and Friends
The adorable Winnie the Pooh and his lovable gang of woodland creatures have been winning hearts over since their introduction in 1965. Today, “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” is one of the most popular rides at Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Winnie the Pooh - 小熊维尼 (xiǎo xióng wéiní)

Tigger – 跳跳虎 (Tiào tiào hǔ)

Piglet – 小猪皮杰 (Xiǎo zhū pí jié)

Eeyore – 屹耳 (Yì ěr)

Rabbit – 瑞比 (Ruì bǐ)

The Lion King
Released in 1994, the Lion King was one of the first Hollywood animated films that were imported for screening in China. 22 years later, the popularity of the Lion King still roars as high as ever, with a Mandarin version of a Lion King Broadway-style show premiering at the Shanghai Disney Resort opens in June. 

Mufasa - 木法沙 (Mù fǎ shā)

Scar - 刀疤 (Dāo bā)

Simba - 辛巴 (Xīn bā)

Nala - 娜娜 (Nà nà)

Timon -丁满 (Dīng mǎn)

Pumbaa - 彭彭 (Péng péng)

Everybody Else!

The list of Disney characters goes on for miles and miles. We have included a hodge-podge of some more of our favorite Disney Characters and their Chinese names below.

Lilo - 莉萝 (Lì luó)

Stitch - 史迪奇 (Shǐ dí qí)

Peter Pan - 彼得潘 (Bǐ dé pān)

Tinker Bell - 叮当小仙女 (Dīng dāng xiǎo xiān nǚ)

Buzz Lightyear - 巴斯光年 (Bā sī guāng nián)

Woody - 伍迪 – (Wǔ dí)

Tarzan - 泰山 (Tài shān)

Jane - 珍妮 (Zhēn nī)

Hercules - 海格力斯 (Hǎi gé lì sī)

Meg - 蜜儿 (Mì er)

Pegasus -柏格斯 (Bǎi gé sī)

Esmeralda - 爱斯梅达 (Ài sī méi dá)

Quasimodo - 加西莫多 (Jiā xī mò duō)

Chip - 奇奇 (Qí qí)

Dale - 帝帝 (Dì dì)

After creating this list, all I wanted to do is grab some cookies and host a marathon of all my favorite Disney movies. Did you find your favorite Disney Characters on this list? Let us know in the comments below who we might be missing!


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