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The Spread of Mandarin: Magic Cure for Brain

Did you know that learning Chinese utilized areas of the brain that other languages do not?

Did you know that learning Chinese utilized areas of the brain that other languages do not?

According to BBC News, an article, "Chinese 'takes more brainpower", reported in June 2003 suggested that "people who speak mandarin Chinese use both sides of their brain to understand the language. This compare to English-language speakers who only need to use one side of their brain". The research was conducted by Dr. Sophie Scott from Wellcome Trust in the UK. "People who speak different sorts of languages use their brains to decode speech in different ways," said Dr. Scott.

Since Chinese is a tonal language, it requires speakers to distinguish different meanings of the words when it is in different tones, and that's why the researchers believe that this translation of intonation is the reason that Chinese speakers need to use both sides of their brain. 

Learning Chinese is helpful in activating neural activity in the working, thinking, and spatial memory of the brain. The spread of Mandarin can be the best cure for brain growth & career development. Join us in stimulating the strength of brain!

Magic Cure

  • The magic cure for adults: 15 miracle cures for $245 

    -This magic cure is for students at age of 13 or above

    -45-minute session

    -Session type is available as Regular Session and 1-on-1 Session

Session Type Class Format Class Material Cost
Regular Session

could be group session (depends on capacity)

lesson plan followed by TutorABC Chinese's curriculum 1 credit
1-on-1 Session private session could be in any formats based on your needs 3 credit

  • The magic cure for kids: 9 creative cures for $165 

    -This magic cure is for students at age from 6-12

    -25-minute session

    -Session type is guarantee to be 1-on-1 session


Magic bonus

  • Attendance Rewards

    Students who attend at least 5 classes within first 30 days will receive a $200 coupon      for the next purchase.


Terms of use

  • This special offer is valid from March 29th to April 28th ONLY
  • Limit one purchase per person
  • The coupon can be used on the next purchase when it's over $1,000
  • The coupon is valid  until May 15th, 2021
  • Limit one coupon per purchase
  • This special offer is not refundable


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